Albatrosses, Fishing Partners

Albatrosses and petrels, seabirds that spend most of their life at sea, are fishing partner of fishermen who work capturing sharks, Dolphin fish among others, tens of miles offshore. Fishermen in Peru called “Pajarote” to albatrosses.

These birds are endangered, due to use of longline, fishing gear with many baited hooks each, captured more than 100,000 of these birds per year in the world.

What is the situation of "Pajarote" in Peru?

Very little is known. APECO this year, has initiated the project "Albatross, petrels and fisheries in Peru: Evaluating bycatch, distribution and abundance of seabirds" in order to assess the interactions between birds and longline through board observations and interviews.

This web provides information about albatrosses, petrels and other species and also serves as a tool for the fishermen in their tasks by providing some links to see data of SST, wind, wave height, among others.